Welcome to the site!

The purpose of this website is to share the documentation files for a new methodological approach to the analysis of participatory decision-making. The approach integrates methods for analyzing the meetings where decisions get made with methods for analyzing interactions among the broader social networks that influence what happens in the meetings. The approach was developed through National Science Foundation grant BCS-1408169.

Our research focuses on participatory decision-making in the context of environmental resource management. However, our approach could be applied to participatory decision-making in other contexts as well. We are interested in understanding collaborative decision-making by commissions composed of representatives of diverse stakeholder groups.

We have only conducted a pilot study so far, and expect to iterate and refine this methodological approach through future research activities. We are making preliminary findings available out of a commitment to the principles of openness and sharing; we welcome feedback and further contributions from readers.

Summary of methodology
Our methodology integrated
– Analysis of meetings
– Analysis of network interactions

Our approach to the analysis of meetings integrated
– Conversation analysis
– Frame analysis

Our approach to the analysis of network interactions integrated
– Social network analysis
– Semantic network analysis

More information about the project
NSF Project Abstract
NSF Project Outcomes Report

Meetings + networks methodology documentation files
(PDF for easy download)
1. Integrating the Analysis of Meetings and Networks – Proposal Excerpts
2. Overview of Methods Used
3. Creating a Virtual Collaborative Workspace
4. Maintaining the Commission’s Anonymity
5. Analysis of Meetings
6. Preparation of Email Data
7. Analysis of Emails
8. Analysis of Stakeholder Networks in Interviews
9. Analysis of Public Online Conversations
10. Analysis of Evolution of Ordinance
11. Integration of Analysis Methods

Other resources
Ken Riopelle’s Youtube Site, http://www.youtube.com/user/KenRiopelle1/videos
Ken Riopelle has created numerous instructional videos to assist users with Condor, the social and semantic network analysis software used for our project

Who we are
Christina Wasson
Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of North Texas

Julia Gluesing
President, Cultural Connections, Inc.
Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Wayne State University

Thanks to
Elizabeth Sidler, our incomparable research assistant
Ken Riopelle, our amazing tech guru
The Cultural Anthropology Program of the National Science Foundation, for supporting the bulk of the research
Motorola Mobility, Inc., for supporting some of the analysis through a gift to Christina Wasson

Website created 2014 by Christina Wasson

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